Earth Day 2017: Getting out and giving back!

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” — Wendell Berry   Happy Earth Day, everyone! In celebration of Earth Day, I’ve included some links to various information sources for how to get involved, what you can do to make an impact on the health and sustainability of the planet on a small scale, …

April 22, 2017

(Wo)man vs Wild: Surviving the elements this outdoors season.

Finally! The warmer weather has arrived (in theory)! Now that spring and, soon enough, summer are upon us, let’s take a moment to talk about outdoor safety. Along with the family fun and memory making moments of hiking, biking, gardening, and the like comes the ticks, mosquitoes, poison ivy, sunburn, heat advisories, and more. While the warmth …

April 15, 2017

Cutting out distractions to cut down on car accidents

Each month, it seems, is full of various events, remembrances, and calls to awareness. While some may be all fun and games, such as April as amateur radio month or international twit award month (really, this is a thing); some are more serious and have a great impact on society and the self. One such …

April 8, 2017

Time to air out the home and put the Spring back into your step!

It’s officially that time of year! Time to open up the windows, bust out your favorite cleaning products, dust off the clothes line, and shake the dust out of the house! That’s right, it’s Spring Cleaning time. While it can be time consuming and, in some cases, back breaking work, it is definitely worth the …

April 1, 2017

Celebrating Women’s History Month!

Wife, mother, sister, friend, employee, employer, artist, activist, confidant, politician, scientist, author, mathematician, and so much more. Women hold many titles and fulfill many roles in society, and have across the wide span of history. Many of these are expected, still more are surprising at times. For all that they do, for all that they …

March 25, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  From us, to you – a wish for lots of green and a good day, too! Check out our jib jab fun and awesome dance moves by clicking the links below! Until next time –  may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.      

March 17, 2017

Showers to bring the flowers

Spring showers may be necessary to bring the flowers, but they certainly can create havoc on the roads in the process. Flash floods, muddy terrain, and hydroplaning (just to name a few) are part and parcel of this ebb and flow of seasonal change. A few important tips to keep you safe on the road- …

March 11, 2017

Spring break is just around the corner… are you prepared for your trip?

Spring is almost here- believe it or not! Technically speaking, March 21st is the first official day of Spring and it’s just a few weeks away! With the arrival of spring comes an increase in outdoor adventures, festivals, and spring break trips. For those who happen to be driving, rather than flying, on their spring break excursion …

March 4, 2017

Time to buy (the safest) new car!

February 15th is right around the corner! This is the earliest date of tax returns for 2017. For many Americans, tax returns mean taking care of household repairs and improvements, paying off debt, saving, or making new purchases. This is a particularly good time of year to buy a new car, especially since many auto …

February 11, 2017

February is Black History Month!

America is like a nicely aged, patchwork quilt. Each part of the tapestry, valuable in its own right, not only has a story and history all its own, but also contributes to the greater work allowing for a solid, unified, greater result. Just as the patches of these warm, beautiful quilts, the diversity of our make …

February 4, 2017